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PureFlo ESM PAPR PF50 P-Series (NIOSH Approved)

Self-Contained Head Mounted Powered Air Purifying Respirator for Maximum Mobility and Protection in Light Duty Industries.

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A self-contained head mounted powered air purifying respirator designed for light duty industries including pharmaceutical, chemical, laboratory and healthcare. A built-in Electronic System Management (ESM) light bar and audible alarm monitors airflow to alert the wearer of low flow, low battery or filter change. Unique air circulator system creates a smooth continuous flow of air.


  • Lightweight self-contained PAPR provides freedom of movement and increases worker acceptance.
  • ESM continually monitors all functions and provides a self-diagnostic systems check to assure optimum performance and added safety. Monitoring flow rate, battery and filter life.
    • LED/Audio Pre-Use-Check — Audible and all flash until flow rate is established
    • LED/Filter OK — 3 Green on, new filter
    • LED/Filter OK — 2 Green on, indicates filter usage
    • LED/Filter OK — 1 Green on, indicates short filter life
    • LED/Filter alert —1 Red on, exit work area and replace filter
    • Airflow Boost Mode — 3rd Green LED flashing
    • Low Battery Alert — All LED’s flashing, audible alert
  • 16 battery multi-charger allows up to 16 ESM batteries to be charged at one time. Perfect for users with multiple PureFlo PAPRs. Batteries can be added at random times and the internal PCB of the multi charger will charge each battery and indicate when the charging is complete in a nominal 2.5 hours.
  • Quick-clean headtop eliminates disposal of paper hoods, which lowers costs.
  • Delivers air at 7.6 CFM into the breathing zone.
  • Booster switch can be manually activated to increase airflow to 8.2 CFM or 230 Liters/Min to meet demands of hotter and more extreme working conditions. This unique air circulator system creates a smooth, continuous flow pattern, delivering the optimum air supply to the wearer with minimum resistance.
  • Choice of HEPA (HE) filter or a combination HE/HF/HC filter (Hydrogen Fluoride and Hydrogen Chloride); both remove 99.97% of liquid or solid based contaminants; effective for removal of nuisance odors from organic vapors.
  • Adjustable Neck Cape, when sealed, creates self-contained positive pressure environment, providing additional protection to the lower face and neck area with an APF of 1000. Cape is made from Integrity 1800 polyester fabric designed for use in pharmaceutical clean room environments. It can be laundered in-house or by commercial laundry facilities for repeated use.
  • Face-shield is manufactured from high impact-resistant polycarbonate with anti-mist, anti-scratch coating; seals securely against helmet’s frame and provides protection against impact, high impact (ANSI Z87+), and splashes.
  • Available with standard 4x5 shade10 green lens, Jackson Safety®, NexGen®, and Insight® Auto Darkening Filter featuring:
    • Large viewing window offers 9 square inches of viewing area
    • User adjustable shades 5, 9-13
    • Multi-function capability (grind, weld, cut)
    • Fast switching speed
    • Continuous IR/UV protection, protects to shade 14- even in the “off” state
    • One-year warranty
    • Made in the U.S.A.
    • Four sensors, battery and solar powered


The PureFlo ESM PAPR PF50 P-Series is a NIOSH approved respirator system, which is also compliant with CSA Z94.4‐11. The respirator selection process used in CSA Z94.4‐11 is based on NIOSH criteria for the testing and certification of a respirator. Refer to the Instructions For Use (IFU), the NIOSH approval label provided with the respirator or click below for a listing of components and optional accessories that can be used.


PureFlo PF50 ESM (NIOSH/CSA) Specifiactions Chart

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