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Gentex LVIS M5i

Reliable Crew Communication

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The Gentex LVIS m5i is a compact intercom system specially designed for crew intercommunications and radio access in tactical vessels and vehicles. The reliable Gentex LVIS m5i System is lightweight, rugged, and water resistant. The basic system can accommodate up to five crewmembers and three long-range radios. Compatible with military and many commercial radios, the Gentex LVIS m5i System meets numerous military specifications and standards, including MIL-Std-461 and MIL-Std-810.

Gentex offers a variety of helmet and headset styles to suit most field requirements for impact, ballistic, and hearing protection, with and without Active Noise Reduction (ANR), as well as talk-through circuits.


  • Paramount Performance
    Delivers crisp, clear, full duplex intercommunications among crewmembers with a single crew volume control knob for a 28dB range of listening volume adjustment. DC Power is provided through crewmember connection ports to enable the use of ANR equipped head gear.
  • Highly Adjustable and Configurable
    PTT keying schemes and radio transmit and receive levels can be adjusted during installation while an optional radio switch box can be used for radio transmit selection. Radio access can also be configured independently for each crewmember to enable or disable transmit, and receive capabilities over a connected radio system. The commander radio transmit priority override function allows the commander to interrupt transmissions from other crewmembers.
  • Complementary and Compatible
    The system is complementary and compatible with the Ops-Core® AMP Communication Headset. The headset includes specially designed ear cups profiled to fit beneath most combat helmets.


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