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Gentex LVIS Digital

This product has been discontinued and is no longer available for purchase.

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The Gentex LVIS Digital is a fully integrated modular intercom system designed to support crew intercommunications and radio access in combatant, patrol, and rescue craft. The crew communication system is rugged, light-weight, marine grade, and water resistant. Configurable and adaptable to the ever-changing mission profiles encountered in daily operations, the system offers a complete hardwired and wireless communications solution. The Gentex LVIS Digital meets numerous military specifications and standards, including MIL-Std-461and MIL-Std-810.


  • Intuitive crew connection point allows full control of intercom and radio functions.
  • Configurable on the fly for mission requirements.
  • Wireless option allows full, untethered access to intercom and radios.
  • Provides DC power through the headwear connection points to enable the use of headgear equipped with Active Noise Reduction (ANR). A large variety of standard headwear choices are available to fit all possible operating scenarios; from simple, light-weight headsets to full-up ballistic protection helmets with integrated communications.


  • LVIS complies with numerous military specifications including Mil-Std-461 and Mil-Std-810

Required System Elements

To ensure that you obtain the necessary products required to make the system function, please contact our Customer Service team for configuration assistance.


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