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Gentex Ear Seals Featuring Comply™ Foam Technology

Advanced Hearing Protection, Clear Communication, Optimal Comfort

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Gentex Ear Seals are sold individually. Purchase two per helmet.
Gentex Ear Seals are sold individually. Purchase two per helmet.
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Compatible with most Gentex Fixed and Rotary Wing Helmet Systems, the Gentex Ear Seals featuring Comply™ Foam Technology provide increased mission effectiveness by enhancing passive attenuation and reducing fatigue. The Gentex Ear Seals provide improved hearing protection and communications, as well as optimum seal integrity, a key factor in noise blocking and hearing safety.


  • Advanced patented memory foam provides increased conformability to facial features and around eye glasses, ensuring a more complete seal for limited acoustic leaks.
  • Proprietary high attenuation foam reduces noise in low frequency ranges (< 200 Hz), where hearing damage is of greatest concern in helicopter noise environments. Attenuation is significantly improved around 1KHz to further enhance speech intelligibility.
  • Patented Comply Ear Seal technology reduces factors contributing to pilot workload. Soft viscoelastic memory foam exerts minimal pressure on the head of the user while helping goggles and glasses to stay in place.
  • Improved passive attenuation of up to 5 dB provides increased hearing protection and speech intelligibility, enhancing mission effectiveness.
  • The Gentex Ear Seals featuring Comply Foam Technology are compatible with commercial and military variations of the:
    • Gentex HGU-56/P Improved Rotary Wing Helmet System
    • Gentex HGU-55/P Fixed Wing Helmet System
    • Gentex HGU-84/P Rotary Wing Helmet System
    • Gentex SPH-5 Rotary Wing Helmet System

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