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Ops-Core Visor - Sentry

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Features & Specifications

  • Designed for Ops-Core Sentry XP and LE Mid-Cut Helmets.
  • Provides optical clarity and high-level ballistic protection.
  • Engineered to provide an optically correct lens; the visor offers superior performance in refractive power, prismatic deviation, and distortion.
  • Ballistic protection: 17 grain (1.1g) FSP Fragmentation (V50 of 775 fps) Protection in accordance with PRS-1011 Product Specification for FAST High Cut Visor.
  • Tool-less installation and removal; easy one-handed operation.
  • Easily donned with a single-gloved hand.
  • Seamless integration with Ops-Core ARC Rails.
  • Quickly and quietly friction locks into closed, open or vented positions at 45 degree increments using field-proven CAM Lock technology.
  • Pair with an Ops-Core Sentry Mandible for complete eye and face protection.
  • Available in Urban Tan, Foliage Green, and Black.

Testing Protocols & Design

  • Designed and tested in accordance with Gentex PRS-1001 Product Specification for the Ops-Core Sentry Ballistic Visor.
  • Environmental affects testing: seawater resistant; weatherometer (accelerated aging); high temperature operating and storage; cold temperature operating and storage; vibration, field agent resistant (DEET insect repellant, gasoline, motor oil, petroleum based hydraulic fluid, fire resistant hydraulic fluid, diesel fuel oil, aviation turbine fuel, rifle bore cleaning compound, weapons lubricating oil, weapons artic lubricating oil, face paint, and 6.0% Sodium Hypochlorite).
  • Ballistic visor testing:
    • 17 grain (1.1 gram) Fragment Simulated Projectile (FSP) using a baseline testing method to establish a minimum V-50 of 775 feet per second (fps) / 221 meters per second (m/s). (V-50 is defined as the velocity of a designated projectile where 50% of the threat will penetrate and 50% will be stopped.)
    • Blunt Impact Resistant tested against 2.20 pounds (1 kilogram) steel cylinder with hemispherical anvil impact point dropped from 2.62 feet (0.8 meters) without visor impacting head-form in accordance with NIJ Standard 0104.02 Riot Helmet and Face-Shields.
    • Optical Clarity for Peripheral Vision and Light Transmission in accordance with NIJ Standard 0104.02 Riot Helmet and Face-Shields.

Characteristics, Coverage & Weight

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