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Gentex HA/LP Max Comfort Kit

Increased Mission Effectiveness through Reduced Fatigue by Better Comfort & Fit

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The Gentex Mask Breathing Unit (MBU) Max Comfort Kit is a proven, field-upgradable solution that reduces pain associated with oxygen mask usage and seals against the face with less pressure. Don’t fly distracted by an uncomfortable mask! The Max Comfort kit is retrofittable into most HA/LP aircrew oxygen masks.


  • Expanded Mask Size Range
    The Max Comfort Kit adds a sixth mask size. The Wide-Medium Narrow (W-MN) hardshell assembly is mated with a Medium Narrow facepiece to provide additional space in the mask around the nose and cheek area. This new design has been proven to solve mask discomfort issues in aircrew with broader noses and more pronounced cheekbones.
  • Softer 45 Durometer Facepiece
    • Better facial conformance
    • Reduced hot spots
    • Material qualified during COMBAT EDGE DT&E
  • Pre-Cut Hardshell (Option)
    • Factory precision trimmed to Tech Order allowed dimensions 
    • Improves comfort specifically in nose and cheek area
    • Geometry qualified during COMBAT EDGE OT&E
  • Sized Color-Coded Compensation Tubes
    • Prevents tube kinking leading to increased exhalation resistance
    • Color-coded tubes for easy identification the correct tube is installed



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