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Gentex High Altitude/ Low Profile (HA/LP) Oxygen Mask

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Designed for use with the Gentex HGU-55/P Aircrew Fixed Wing Helmet, the low profile and innovative features of the Gentex High Altitude/Low Profile (HA/LP) Oxygen Mask provides aircrew the ultimate in safety and situational awareness for advanced performance. Working with both Pressure Breathing for G (PBG) equipped high-performance fighter/attack aircraft and Non-PBG equipped aircraft, the HA/LP Oxygen Mask is used and depended on by the U.S. Department of Defense and Foreign Military Services throughout the world.


  • Automatic Mask Tensioning During High G Maneuvers.
  • +600 Knot Windblast and Low Breathing Resistance Protection.
  • Lightweight Hardshell—Custom-Trim For Maximum Comfort.
  • Silicone-Rubber Face Piece for Optimum Sealing and Auto Adjustment Under High Gz.
  • Chin Cup and Cheek Flaps for Injury Protection During High Speed/High Altitude Ejections.
  • Single Handed In-Flight Donning and Doffing.
  • Smaller Mask Cavity Reduces C02 Buildup.
  • Easily Configurable from Non-PBG to PBG Mask And With A Variety Of Microphones.
  • Five Sizes Fits 3rd-Percentile - 97th Percentile.
  • Valsalva and Unconscious/Disabled Breathing Assistance.
  • Integrates with Multiple Helmets And Accessories (NVGs, HMD, Tracked and Bungee Single and Dual Visor Systems)
  • Operates in Performance Envelopes of Current and Future Aircraft Platforms.

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