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Gentex Mask Microphone - M169A Mod

SKU: G030-1100-01
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A superior noise-canceling moving-coil microphone element, the Gentex M-169A/AIC modified microphone is specially designed for use in an oxygen mask or pressure helmet at altitudes where oxygen is required. The unit integrates with the Gentex HA/LP® and MBU-20P Oxygen Masks, providing more accurate placement within the masks and substantially greater intelligibility and noise rejection over the base Gentex model, M-101/AIC.


  • Integrates with the Gentex HA/LP and MBU-20/P Oxygen Masks
  • Improved noise rejection over base model, the Gentex M-101/AIC Microphone
  • Manufactured to meet MIL-PRF-26542/12 standards

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