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Gentex ALPHA 900 Search and Rescue (SAR) Rotary Wing Helmet System

World’s First Waterproof Helmet System, Optimized for Air-to-Sea Operations, IP-67 Rated

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Based on the design adopted by the U.K. MoD, and developed in partnership with wet-winch search and rescue aircrew in Bristow Helicopters, the Gentex ALPHA 900 Search and Rescue (SAR) Helmet System is the world’s first waterproof rotary wing helmet system optimized for any search and rescue aircrew personnel conducting air-to-sea operations. Leveraging the modern and lightweight design of the Gentex ALPHA 900 Cross-Platform helmet shell, the Gentex ALPHA 900 SAR features corrosion-resistant hardware, plus a waterproof and salt-fog resistant communications system to ensure continued performance when exposed to water and spray. Optimized for interfacing to common SAR radios and configurable for all major aircraft intercom systems, the Gentex ALPHA 900 SAR is the ideal solution for aircrew operating near water.


  • Proven Performance.
    • Based on the helmet design adopted by the U.K. MoD, the Gentex ALPHA 900 SAR continues to meet the impact protection requirements of the Cross-Platform Gentex ALPHA 900 Helmet System.
  • Fail-Safe Communications.
    • Optimized for air-to-sea search and rescue operations, the Gentex ALPHA 900 SAR’s IP67 rated waterproof communications headset prevents failures associated with water and salt fog exposure.
  • Optimal Hearing Protection.
    • Offering an additional 2 dB noise attenuation versus the standard Gentex ALPHA 900 platform, the Gentex ALPHA 900 SAR provides increased protection from low frequency noise associated with rotary wing aircrafts.
  • Withstands Harsh Environments.
  • Corrosion-resistant hardware and nape adjustment mechanism preserves the life of the helmet.
  • Replaces U.K. and other Fielded Gentex ALPHA helmets.
    • The Gentex ALPHA 900 replaces the U.K. MoD’s 800 (SAR) ALPHA helmet used by over 65 air forces around the globe.
  • Readily Adaptable.
    • Features a watertight communications downlead which can be connected to an aircraft intercom system during transport, and switched to a radio when disembarking from the aircraft.
  • Night Vision Compatible.
    • NVG compatible visor housing allows for integration of NVGs or other headborne optical equipment, while the advanced fitting system maintains helmet stability.


  • IP-67 rated to prevent the ingress of dust, and water when immersed to 1 meter depth in water for 30 minutes
  • Tested in accordance with MIL STD 810F, Method 509.4 Cyclic Salt Mist Test
  • Impact levels not to exceed 300G
  • Noise attenuation data:
    • 125 Hz = 9.5 dB
    • 250 Hz = 9.5 dB
    • 500 Hz = 21.1 dB
    • 1000 Hz = 25.3 dB
    • 2000 Hz = 37.8 dB
    • 4000 Hz = 43.3 dB
  • 8000 Hz = 43.8 dB980 gram nominal weight, typical configurations weigh between 1150 and 1400 grams

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