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Gentex ALPHA Eagle Rotary Wing Helmet System

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The Gentex ALPHA Eagle is the most versatile rotary wing helmet system available for commercial operations including law enforcement, air ambulance, fire services, forestry, and crop spraying. Pilots can select from a wide range of visor options; communications components, including plugs, connectors, and boom microphones; and hearing protection options, including ANR. Five shell sizes are available in a variety of colors and finishes to optimize the fit and personalization of the helmet system.


  • Five available sizes.
    • Ensures an accurate fit, minimizing weight effect, and achieving optimum C of G (center of gravity).
  • Stable, comfortable helmet platform.
    • The unique quick fit system, incorporating ratchet nape adjustment, ensures helmet stability is maintained throughout the flight.
  • Independent ear cup adjustment.
    • The webbing mounted ear cup allows independent fitting of left and right ear positions, eliminates transmitted resonance and together with the shell mounted locking levers, maintains unsurpassed passive noise attenuation.
  • Communication setup.
    • A wide range of equipment options is available for the cockpit set up, including straight and coiled communication cords, microphones, plugs, and connectors.
  • Visors.
    • Single or dual visor options provide maximum eye protection and field of view. Independent left and right hand lock up/down lever operation. The visor can be further adjusted to align with facial features and/or oxygen masks/maxillofacial shield. A choice of clear, smoked and amber options are available.
  • Rigid Visor Cover, NVG.
    • Provides stable mounting platform for NVGs. The unique fitting and adjustment facility ensures correct eye relief is achieved.
  • Optional Active Noise Reduction (ANR)/Maxillofacial shield/oxygen fittings. Upgrades include ANR for low frequency noise and enhanced speech intelligibility, universal oxygen bayonet receivers and the maxillofacial shield.
  • Customizable.
    • Easy order guide enables you to tailor the Gentex ALPHA Eagle to your individual needs.
  • Low cost of ownership.
    • The modular design has a proven record of lowering cost of ownership through easy maintenance and fewer replacement parts.


  • ANSI Z90-1 modified.
  • Impact protection: below 300G for a 90ft/lb (122 joules) input energy
  • Penetration protection: 1.8kg 60° striker at 1 meter
  • Noise attenuation: over 40db@4kHz
  • Climate: +50° C to -40° C
  • Weight: nominally below 1kg


The Gentex ALPHA Eagle rotary wing flight helmet has achieved the Department of Interior’s (DOI) and United States Forest Service (USFS) Aviation Helmet Standard compliance. Compliance is inclusive of the helmet shell, suspension system (including chin strap), visor, and Gentex communications system. Certificates for the five sizes of Gentex ALPHA Eagle are linked below:

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