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Gentex Rugged Flexboom Dynamic Microphone

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Featuring a ruggedized flexboom, this dynamic microphone provides improved speech intelligibility through the introduction of passive noise-cancelling technology. This microphone was developed as a direct replacement for the M-87/A1C and other Gentex-manufactured 5 ohm microphones.


Maximum Performance
Third-party testing has demonstrated* the Gentex Rugged Flexboom significantly outperforms the legacy M-87/A1C, providing low distortion and excellent passive noise cancellation performance which translates into high speech intelligibility (greater than 80% MRT) in noise environments up to 115 dBA.

Optimal Design
The ruggedized gooseneck tubing with integrated mount ensures proper microphone positioning in high wind, while also providing ease of positional flexibility when the microphone is needed. The mount enables installation on either the left or right hand side of the helmet, no special tools needed.

Seamless Integration
The Gentex rugged dynamic microphone is retrofittable to upgrade legacy 5ohm microphones. Use existing knurled nut hardware or upgrade to the flush mount hardware for weight savings.

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