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Gentex Bungee and High-Speed Bungee Visor Assemblies

Offering reduced weight and bulk, while maintaining required levels of protection

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The Gentex Bungee Visor Assembly offers reduced weight and bulk while maintaining required levels of protection for Gentex fixed wing helmet systems. The Gentex High-Speed Bungee Visor Assembly comes as an optional upgrade to the Gentex HGU-55/P Fixed Wing Helmet System, providing ejection safety up to 600 KEAS. Includes a friction strip on helmet brow edge roll for retention during windblast.


  • Easily attaches to helmet by snaps, using elastic or “bungee” straps, which allows complete adjustment for positioning the visor and oxygen mask to get a good fit.
  • Available in neutral, clear, gradient, amber, high contrast and laser protection versions.
  • Fully approved for use by the U.S. Air Force for high-speed ejection use.
  • Compatible with Gentex’s HGU-55/P Fixed Wing Helmet Systems.
  • Available in trims for Gentex MBU-20/P and MBU-23/P Oxygen Masks.


  • Qualified at 600 KEAS at attitudes specified in MIL-H-85047 including head on/head up, rotated 45° starboard/head up, head on/tilted 45° aft and rotated 45° port/tilted 45° aft.

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