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Gentex HGU-55/IG Fixed Wing Helmet System featuring Ejection-Safe NVG Mount

Innovative System Offers Unrivaled Safety for Panavia Tornado Aircrew

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Gentex has developed the innovative Gentex HGU-55/IG Fixed Wing Helmet System to provide pilots the capability to eject safely from Panavia Tornado aircraft when wearing Night Vision Goggles (NVGs). The HGU-55/IG is a special configuration of the Gentex HGU-55/P Helmet built to include the Gentex Ejection-Safe NVG Mount and NVG power-pack assembly, plus the Gentex STEP-IN® Visor to maintain eye protection during nighttime flight. The Ejection-Safe NVG Mount may also be customized to fit existing Gentex HGU-55/P Helmets to provide similar capability in other fixed wing aircraft in service worldwide.


  • Ejection-Safe NVG Mount offers same stable mounting and functionality as standard NVGs during operations, while allowing a G-induced directional separation of the NVGs and power-pack assembly during ejection.
  • NVGs and power-pack breakaway safely from helmet during ejection to prevent injury during windblast exposure.
  • Use NVGs in tandem with Gentex STEP-IN Visor for superior eye protection or with Gentex Laser Visor to block laser threats.
  • When combined with compatible Gentex HA/LP Oxygen Mask, the system provides complete head and respiratory protection.
  • Helmet System weighs less than 1.1 kg (excluding visors and NVGs).
  • System includes Gentex X LINER®, our most advanced, lightweight comfort-fitting aircrew helmet liner.
  • Added battery power from small lightweight NVG power-pack helps maintain mission endurance during nighttime flights.

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