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Gentex Aircrew Systems Tester (AST)

Functionally tests all Gentex MBU-series oxygen masks

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The Gentex Aircrew Systems Tester (AST) supports three basic functions needed to provide aircrews with life support testing: oxygen masks and regulators; oxygen mask/helmet communications; and pre-flight checkout of pilot/aircrew equipment.


  • Requires no compressed bottled air source, as it supplies filtered air from its own internal compressor.
  • Designed to be carried by one person – packacked in one lightweight and compact carrying/transit case
  • Can be electrically powered by either an internal rechargeable battery or externally with 110 VAC, 60Hz
  • The AST will functionally test all Gentex MBU-series of oxygen masks, including the MBU-12/P, MBU-23/P, MBU-20/P, and HA/LP; CRU-series regulators, to include the CRU-60/P and CRU-94/P; a variety of aircrew-mounted regulators, including CRU-82/P, CRU-88/P, and CRU-103/P; and a wide range of helmet and mask communication features such as 10 VDC, 28 VDC, and Dynamic and Electret communications accessories.

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