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Gentex Advanced Life Support Integrated Tester (ALSIT)

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This advanced test set is a portable unit that is easily stored and provides pilots and maintainers the ability to conduct preflight activities, scheduled inspections, and maintenance activities on Gentex’s full suite of oxygen masks and the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) Oxygen Mask, which is one of the products Gentex is supplying to the JSF program. The fully integrated source of pressurized breathing air through the regulated self-contained blower system in conjunction with HEPA filters leverages ambient air supply. The set requires external electrical power at 110-220 VAC, 50-60 Hz, single-phase. Contact us for availability.


  • Oxygen mask communications assessment
  • Proper oxygen mask seal testing
  • User friendly digital readout if leakage is present on the test set’s LCD display
  • Portable, light-weight unit
  • Incorporates self-contained air blower unit
  • Leverages ambient air supply for PB1 and PB2 testing (PB1 is forced air at 9.0 +2.0/-3.0 in. Wg.; PB2 is forced air at 16.0 + 2.0 in. Wg.)


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