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Eclipse NIR Laser Eye Protection Rotary Wing Visor

Laser Eye Protection for Air Applications

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Eclipse NIR lens technology provides dazzle protection against Violet, Blue, and Green visible laser threats, as well as threats in non-visible wavelengths, and is compatible with cockpit displays in all airframes.


  • Provides dazzle protection against violet, blue, and green visible lasers, as well threats in non-visible wavelengths
  • Made of lightweight ballistic grade polycarbonate, meets MIL-V-43511 
  • Designed with special optical-dye formula   
  • Abrasion resistance in accordance with MIL-C-83409 (front and rear surfaces coated with abrasion-resistant coating) to minimize scratching to extend the product life 
  • Nighttime device and use only, both LEP designs NVG compatible


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