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Ops-Core FAST Ballistic Mandible

SKU: H10725-X
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Features & Specifications

  • Increased blunt impact and ballistic protection
  • Lightweight design easily attaches to SHC ARC Shim
  • Flexible Armor provides the ability to obtain a solid cheek weld
  • Uninterrupted Field of View
  • Compatible with any Ops-Core FAST Helmet equipped with the Super High-Cut Skeleton ARC Rails and Super High-Cut Skeleton ARC Shim
  • SHC Skeleton Rails and SHC ARC Shims available as upgrade kit to any Ops-Core FAST Helmet
  • One Size Fits All
  • Colors: Tan 499, Black, Multicam, Urban Gray

Testing Protocols & Design

V50 BL(P)
2-Grain RCC
4075 f/s (1242 m/s)
4-Grain RCC
3450 f/s (1059 m/s)
16-Grain RCC
2425 f/s (739 m/s)
64-Grain RCC
1700 f/s (518 m/s)

Ballistic Protection 9mm: RTP 9mm FMJ V0 at 1,195 fps

Blunt Impact Protection

  • Blunt Impact Resistance: 3 Impacts at speed of 8.66 f/s

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