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Gentex ANR Technology for HGU-55/P Fixed Wing Helmet System

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The HGU-55/P Helmet System features innovative hearing protection: Active Noise Reduction (ANR) technology. This technology reduces noise exposure for aircrew, reducing fatigue and improving mission effectiveness. 


  • Reduces cockpit noise exposure enabling longer mission durations
  • Fail safe system; ensuring audio warnings and communications are maintained with ANR On or Off
  • Immunity from sound pressure level spikes and explosive decompression
  • Pre- and post-flight performance checks can be performed to verify consistent performance*
  • Supports a wide range of current and future airframes
  • Programmable to adapt the noise-cancelling characteristics*
  • Optimizable for specific airframes or phases of flight where the noise spectrum of low and high frequencies may be vastly different*
  • *For more information on system upgrades, email

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