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Gentex Intercom Adapter Cable

Rugged Design for Reliability and Durability

SKU: 05-018010
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The rugged design of the Gentex 3 Ft. Intercom Adapter Cable makes it ideal for extreme environments. The assembly includes a U-78/U connector on one end, and an MS3106F16S-1P on the other end for adapting headsets to intercommunications systems, meets MIL-STD-461 RE102 and RS103 (200 V/m) requirements as well as MIL-STD-1686 for equipment without antennas, and maintains 60 dB of electrostatic isolation between 5 kHz and 20 kHz.


  • Rugged cable design for extreme environments.
  • Weather, oil, and fuel resistant materials.
  • Black in color.
  • Operable in extreme cold and hot temperature conditions.
  • Meets MIL-STD-461 RE102 and RS103 (200 V/m).
  • Meets MIL-STD-1686 for equipment without antennas.
  • Maintains a minimum of 60 dB electrostatic isolation between 5 kHz and 20 kHz.


  • Compatible with headsets and communication systems having connectors that mate to U-77/U and MS3106F16S-1P connectors.
  • Compatible with and tested in harsh military and industrial environments.


  • Compliant with sections of MIL-STD-461 RE102 and RS103 (200 V/m), and MIL-STD-1686 for equipment without antennas.

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