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Dual Mirror

Dual Mirror 1091 - PA375 Para Aramid Twill

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Dual Mirror 1091 - PA375 Para Aramid Twill is part of the Dual Mirror aramid fabric family, woven from aramid yarns and then aluminized using our exclusive Dual Mirror aluminization process to provide infrared heat reflectivity and heat protection. Aramid fabrics are recognized for being strong and resistant to heat, flame, and abrasion. Introduced in the 1960’s by DuPont, Aramid fabrics are commonly known by the brand name "Kevlar®®".


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Performance data contained herein is laboratory derived. Gentex Corporation does not, with this content, warrant the performance intended or implied. It is expected that fabricators exercise necessary care in fabric selection, garment design, and manufacture, such that the intended exposure takes due account of the performance requirements.


  • NFPA 1971-2007 and EN531 (Pass A, B1, C4)


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