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Dual Mirror

Dual Mirror 1017 - PFR645 Rayon Herringbone

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Newtex has acquired Gentex Corp.'s Industrial Textile Division. 

Dual Mirror 1017 - PFR645 Rayon Herringbone is part of the PFR Rayon fabric line. An economic, durable flame retardant material for many high temperature industrial and protective clothing applications, including molten metal splash. PFR Rayon fabric has excellent insulation characteristics and is comfortable to wear. It provides anti-static protection and a moisture regain of over 10% compared to a 2% moisture regain for a para aramid fabric.


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Performance data contained herein is laboratory derived. Gentex Corporation does not, with this content, warrant the performance intended or implied. It is expected that fabricators exercise necessary care in fabric selection, garment design, and manufacture, such that the intended exposure takes due account of the performance requirements.


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