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ARGUS APH05 Public Order/Riot Helmet

Safe and Reliable for Rigorous Requirements of Public Order and Security Personnel

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The Argus APH05 Public Order/Riot Helmet is a robust, safe and reliable helmet that has been manufactured and tested to meet recognized standards. It has been specifically designed for the rigorous operational requirements of public order and security duties.


  • Fully approved to the UK Home Office PSDB Protective Headwear standard for Police Public Order Helmets 2004
  • Manufactured in either Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) Thermoplastic or Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP)
  • High impact resistant 3mm polycarbonate visors, with anti-mist and anti-scratch coating available
  • Adjustable fire-retardant chin strap with chin cup and quick release facility
  • Liquid and flame resistant, metal gauze audio apertures to enable local commands to be heard
  • Ability to wear a range of full face respirators
  • Ability to fit variety of radio communication devices
  • Weight: 1.5kg (3.31 lbs)
  • Available in a wide range of head sizes (50-65 cm) (Size 00 - 6)
    Argus APH05 Public Order/Riot Helmet Size Chart.gif
  • Insignia and rank markings can be applied
  • ABS Model Colors: Black, Blue.
  • GRP Model Colors: Black, Blue White, Red, Yellow, Green


  • Environmental Conditioning
    Helmets subjected to impact attenuation and penetration tests, and visors subjected for impact and pellet protection tests, are conditioned immediately prior to applicable testing to simulate use in a wide range of climatic conditions (-20C to +50C).
  • Coverage & Peripheral Vision
    Measurements are taken to ensure visor coverage of a defined area of the face and eliminate any obstructions to peripheral vision potentially caused by the helmet or visor mounting.
  • Hearing Attenuation
    Ensures that the helmet does not reduce the level of sound reaching the wearer, above defined limits.
  • Flammable Liquid Trap
    Inspects the helmet to affirm there are no liquid traps on the exterior of the helmet and that the helmet is self-extinguishes within 15 seconds of the test fluid being ignited.
  • Flame Testing
    Determines the flame retardant properties of the helmet.
  • Retention Stability Test
    Performed to ensure that the helmet does not roll forward over the wearer’s face as a result of an applied force.
  • Penetration Test
    Ensures protection from a penetrating attack to the helmet body.
  • Impact Testing (Attenuation)
    Assesses resistance capability of impact caused by hand thrown or hand wielded blunt weapons.
  • Vision Test (Prismatic, Spherical, and Astigmatic Aberration)
    Testing to assure that vison is not distorted by prismatic, spherical, and/or astigmatic aberration effects introduced by the visor.
  • Visor Mist Test
    Assesses the anti-mist properties of the visor. This test is only applicable to visors that are offered with anti-mist properties.
  • Visor Impact Test
    Performed to ensure that a known impact will not cause a deformation of the visor which may contact the wearer’s face.
  • Visor Pellet Test
    A low mass high velocity projectile test designed to examine impact is completed on all visors.
  • Visor Solvent Test
    Tests the visor’s resistance to a solvent of Methyl IsoButyl Ketone (MIBK).
  • EC Type-Examination Certificate:1991
    Assessed and examined against 21/04 PSDB Protective Headwear Standard for UK Police (2004). Conforms to Council Directive 89/686/EEC relating to Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)


  • Shell: High impact resistant, self-colored ABS or GRP with flame retardant paint system
  • Liner: High density Expanded Polystyrene (EPS)
  • Cheek Pads: Fire-retardant cotton modal
  • Chin Strap: Fire-retardant Nomex
  • Chin Cup: Fire-retardant Polypropylene
  • Neck Guard: High density foam with flame retardant PVC covering
  • Visor: High impact optical grade polycarbonate with option of anti-mist, anti-scratch coating


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