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PureFlo 3000 PAPR (EN)

A unique all-in-one respiratory, head, face, eye and hearing protection solution

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An innovative PAPR system that provides a unique all-in-one respiratory, head, face, eye and hearing protection solution. The PureFlo 3000 provides integrated protection for users with an unrivalled level of comfort. Configurable for use in multiple applications including industry, construction, pharmaceutical and welding.


  • No trailing leads, hoses, or cables provides improved safety (no “snagging“).
  • No belt mounted blower unit required thereby improving user comfort. Ideal for use with a range of protective workwear.
  • Configurable for industrial, pharmaceutical and welding applications.
  • No requirement for face fit testing and can be used safely with beards and/or prescription spectacles.
  • Well balanced modern design.
  • High efficiency particulate filter, gives excellent levels of respiratory protection.
  • Excellent optical vision, for safety and comfort.
  • Comfortable fit for prolonged use with fully adjustable head harness.
  • Robust, quick release attachment and removal of the face and head seals.
  • Compatible with Gentex branded ear defenders. (Pending)


The PureFlo 3000 CE (EN) is suitable for use in a range of industries some of which are listed below and can be configured for use in multiple applications. Click here to view the various configurations:

  • Agriculture & Farming
  • Construction
  • Food Processing
  • Light Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Transport
  • Utilities
  • Welding Applications


Hard Hat/Welding: 1.5kg
Head Size Range
54 - 64cm
Protection Factor
Assigned Protection Factor (APF) – 40
Nominal Protection Factor (NPF) - 500
0-90% (store out of direct sunlight)
Regulated Airflow
220 l/m initial, 170 l/m minimum
Temperature Range
Charging: +5°C to +40°C
Use: -5°C to +40°C
Storage (excluding battery): -20°C to +50°C
Power Supply
Continuous Power: Battery runtime/capacity 4hrs
Charge Time: 2 hrs (Fast Charger)
Visor Overlays
Ear Defenders (SNR 26, 29 & 32)
Pro ADF (Variable Shade 9 ~ 13)
Pro ADF Deluxe (Variable shade 4-8/8-12)


Respiratory Protection
EN 12941:1998+A2:2008 Protection Level TH3
Head Protection
Hard Hat: EN 397:2012+A1:2012
Environmental Protection
IP54 (In Use) IPX5 (Cleaning);
IEC 60509:1989
Eye/Face Protection
EN 166:2002 1B3
EN 379:2003 + A1:2009
EN 175:1997


Click here to view the available configurations for the PureFlo 3000 CE (EN) to meet your specific needs.


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