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Gentex Dazzle Laser Defense Visor

Laser threat protection for professional and private pilots

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To combat emerging laser threats that may be encountered by pilots during critical phases of flight, Gentex has developed a line of laser protective flight-helmet mounted visors. Leveraging decades of experience with military laser eye protection, the Gentex Dazzle Laser Defense Visors can be used by aviators including law enforcement, customs and border patrol, and emergency services.

The perfect choice to combat the hazards of low-intensity lasers without compromising visual acuity, Dazzle Visors are available for the Gentex HGU-56/P and SPH-5® Rotary Wing Aircrew Helmet Systems. Offered in day and night versions, with lenses designed to maintain see-through color perception.


  • Optimal key protection from commercial laser threats allows pilots to easily maintain flight and personal safety during lasing incidents.
  • Seamlessly integrate with Gentex Rotary Wing Aircrew Helmet systems.
  • A cost effective upgrade that seamlessly integrates into existing helmet systems.
  • Available for both day and night wear.
  • Contain a high abrasion-resistant coating to minimize scratching to extend the product life.
  • Designed for comfort to withstand the rigors of aviator wear, with lenses made of lightweight ballistic grade polycarbonate composites that meet MIL-V-43511 and ANSI Z standards.


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