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PureFlo Hydra PAPR (NIOSH Approved)

For particulate hazards, organic vapors and acid gases.

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Waist-mounted twin-filter blower unit. Multiple lightweight headtops including welding. Audible LED alerts user to either a low battery, partculate filter change or low flow. Headtops can interchange with PureFlo Airline SAR. APF 1000 with Neck Cape, or APF 25 with Loose Fitting Face Seal.


  • Low profile, lightweight waist pack PAPR
  • NIOSH approved - 7.6 CFM flow rate or 210 Liters/Min
  • APF 1000 Neck Cape or APF 25 Loose Fitting Face Seal
  • Audible and visual alarm monitors filter life & warns of low airflow or low battery
  • Filters: HEPA (HE), Organic Vapor Filter (HE/OV), Acid Gas Filter (HE/SD/HF/HC)
  • Headtops offering:
    • ANSI eye/face protection
    • ANSI head protection in Black, White, Yellow and Hi Viz colors
    • Welding helmet with two ADF lens options: shades 5, 9-13 or passive shade 10
    • Fixed or lift front visor optional
    • Easy clean helmet, with Quick Release Suspension
    • Flame Resistant (FR) Neck Collar
  • Ergonomic waist-pack design with suspender option
  • Can be converted to Supplied Air Respirator (SAR)


The PureFlo Hydra PAPR is a NIOSH approved respirator system, which is also compliant with CSA Z94.4‐11. The respirator selection process used in CSA Z94.4‐11 is based on NIOSH criteria for the testing and certification of a respirator. Refer to the Instructions For Use (IFU), the NIOSH approval label provided with the respirator or click below for a listing of components and optional accessories that can be used.


PureFlo Hydra PAPR (NIOSH/CSA Approved) Specifications.gif


Click here to view the available accessories for the PureFlo Hydra PAPR (NIOSH/CSA) to meet your specific needs.

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