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Ops-Core RAILINK Bundle with Battery Pack+

This starter bundle includes the RAILINK Power and Data ARC Rails and the Battery Pack+.

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Approximately 90-lead time for fulfillment
Orders ship when all items are ready. For fastest shipping, place separate orders based on lead times.
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Designed with convenience in mind, this bundle gets you started with the RAILINK Power and Data ARC Rails and the Battery Pack+. Additional accessories, cables and hardware kits are sold separately. Compatible with all FAST High Cut Helmet systems.

To mount your RAILINK Power and Data ARC Rails to your FAST helmet system, you will need to purchase the Ballistic Hardware Kit found here: Ballistic Hardware Kit

Features & Specifications

  • RAILINK ARC RAILS - Combine the industry standard dovetail track for mechanical accessory attachment with an integrated power and data transmission network.
  • POWER & DATA FROM A SINGLE SOURCE - Dedicated circuits provide power and high bandwidth data to VAS/NVG and accessory systems, all powered from a single source.
  • SMART NODES FOR MECHANICAL & ELECTRONIC CONNECTIONS - Accessories are connected to the system via a system of Smart Nodes providing mechanical attachment as well as electronic power and low speed data connection.
  • UNIVERSAL VAS/NVG INTERFACE - The universal RAILINK VAS/NVG power interface allows the use of a broad array of night vision systems, including the latest systems that incorporate fused thermal channels and require power and data to operate. Dedicated cables routed within the RAILINK system streamline fitment by removing the need for externally routed battery pack cables and reduce undesirable snag hazards.
  • CONNECTIVITY ACROSS SYSTEMS - Using a communications protocol, power and data are routed through the network from node-to-node and the Battery Pack+, which can serve as a controller to share information around the helmet and supports sharing across a network to other soldier systems.
  • BACKWARD AND FORWARD COMPATIBLE - RAILINK has been designed to be backward and forward compatible with all FAST high cut helmet systems.
  • BULK REDUCTION AND REDUCED FATIGUE - With VAS systems and all accessories drawing power from the single source of RAILINK, the accessories themselves become much smaller and can also be mounted in closer proximity to the center of gravity of the helmet, which results in a lowering of fatigue to the wearer during extended operations.
  • MAXIMIZE SPACE AND SIMPLICITY - Mounting outside of the ARC rail dovetail track means more open space for other accessories. Drawing from a single power source means added simplicity for the user, eliminating the need for managing multiple types of batteries per device.


  • EMI Testing Standard: MIL-STD-461G
  • Operating Temperature: -40F to 130F
  • Operating Humidity: 0-95% RH Non-Condensing
  • Storage Temperature: -40F to 160F
  • Ingress Protection (Water/Dust): IP67 — 1M for 1 Hour (IP67 standard is 1M for 30 min)
  • Saltwater Immersion: MIL-STD-810H Rated
  • Impact: MIL-STD-810H Rated
  • Elevation: Operational at 30,000ft, Survive Transport to 40,000ft/4 Hours
  • Node Voltage: 13V
  • VAS Voltage: Auto-Selection 3V or 9V
  • NVGs Supported: PVS-31A, PVS 31D, GPNVG ANVS and BNVS, ENVG-B, F-Pano, F-Bino and others
  • System Weight (Rails & Hotshoe): 8oz (226 grams)
  • Available Sizes: One Size (adjusts to fit M, L, XL, XXL Ops-Core FAST High Cut Helmet Systems)
  • Available Color: Tan 499
  • Export Compliance: U.S. Export Administration Regulations (EAR) 15 CFR 730-774


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