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Gentex Light Vehicle Intercom System (LVIS) V5

Compact Intercom System Specially Designed for Tactical Vehicle Crew Intercommunications

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The Gentex LVIS v5 is a compact intercom system designed for crew intercommunications and radio access in tactical vehicles. Easily installed and operates, the LVIS v5 provides crisp, clear, full duplex intercommunications among crewmembers.


  • Connection ports for commander and four crewmembers
  • Provides DC power through the crewmember connection ports to enable the use of Active Noise Reduction (ANR) equipped headgear
  • Compatible with most military and many commercial radios
  • Single crew volume control knob provides a 28dB range of listening volume adjustment
  • Radio port interfaces to radio switchbox for accessing up to three radios
  • Power port accepts 11-32 VDC power input


  • Complies with MIL-STD-461 and MIL-STD-810

Required System Elements

To ensure that you obtain the necessary products required to make the system function, please contact our Customer Service team for configuration assistance.


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