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Cromwell ER1 Helmet System

Adaptable protection for every emergency

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Weighing less than 800gms, this lightweight thermoplastic helmet provides comfort and safety that’s ideally suited to the modern duties of emergency service personnel; from ambulance and urban search and rescue teams, to road traffic accidents and civil defense workers.


  • Innovative design features two helmet shells that can be integrated into one.
  • The Emergency Response helmet shell with its adjustable headband and retractable goggle make it suitable for all Level 1 operations not requiring building entry fire fighting. This shell can also be fitted with ear defenders and configured for additional specialist operations, including air sea rescue, coast guard and heli-deck.
  • The Structural Fire Fighting helmet shell with additional heat, flame and impact protection, and fitted with retractable face shield, fits easily over the ER1 Emergency Response helmet shell in seconds. It can also be fitted with a neck cape, integral communications, and SCABA mask fixing points.
  • Both shells are designed to comply with the latest international standards.
  • The shells provide high comfort and are easily adjustable to fit male and female head shapes and sizes across.
  • Manufactured by Gentex Corporation, the leading supplier of Cromwell and Argus helmet systems to the UK fire and police services, and the leading international supplier of ALPHA military and civil aircrew helmets.


Cromwell ER1 Specifications Chart.gif


  • EN443:1997
  • EN166:2002
  • CE

Sizing Guide

  • One size shell, adjustable headband to suit most head sizes


  • No compatibility issues with a wide variety of respirators if required.


Replacement Parts

Head harness as and when required.

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