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Aegisound Digital Active Noise Reduction (DANR) Triple Hearing Protector and Communications (THPC) Headset

Superior Hearing Protection and Communications, Optimal Performance

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The DANR THPC Headset represents our top-of-the-line product that combines triple hearing protection and communications, for use in extreme noise environments up to and exceeding 140 dB(A). The cirmcumaural headset with detachable battery and integrated digital processor is our most capable broadband noise protection system, providing three layers of hearing protection .The Aegisound DANR THPC Headset provides two passive layers of hearing protection and adds a third layer via DANR custom communication earplugs. Two-way communications capabilities are included through the addition of a superior digital noise canceling microphone with a muzzle and attachment to a user’s radio or intercom system. This system enables two-way communications in the highest ambient noise fields; it meets the requirements for industrial use and of the US Navy and Joint Strike Fighter (F-35) prime contractor, Lockheed Martin.

Noise Reduction Rating: 32 dB. The DANR systems provides an equivalent NRR of 37 dB via total passive and active attenuation per ANSI S12.6 and ANSI S12.42 test methodologies. Active noise reduction measured at 140 dB(A) in accordance with ANSI S12.42 (MIRE) was combined with the ANSI S12.6 passive attenuation data.


Custom Earplugs

  • Aegisound DANR custom earplugs are required. The earplugs connect into the headset to provide an additional layer of passive attenuation and broad-band active attenuation.
  • Ear impressions are required at the time of purchase.

Maximum Noise Attenuation

  • Triple hearing protection; provides broadband active attenuation in addition to the two levels of passive attenuation provided by the custom earplugs and circumaural headset.
  • Custom-molded DANR earplugs provide digital active noise reduction in the ear canal

Optimal Communication

  • Superior digital noise canceling microphone technology enables two-way digital communications in noise fields up to 140 dB(A), with greater than 70% speech intelligibility (ANSI S3.2).

Innovative Design.

  • Provides superior active noise reduction over a broad frequency range through patented DANR technology.

Maximum Compatibility.

  • The DANR THPC Headset is compatible with:
    • Gentex APC-2G Helmet System
    • HGU-25/P Series Legacy Cranial
    • The DANR THPC can be connected to a variety of available radios/intercoms

Contact Gentex for information concerning your particular communication system.


  • Compliant with sections of MIL-STD 810F, MIL-STD-461E, MIL-STD-494, etc.
  • Certified to EMC Directive 2004/108/EC
  • Compliant with EN 353-2:2002 and EN 352-1:2002
  • The system and accessories are CE marked


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